Negotiations Continue… BUT STRIKE VOTE COMING!

Attn: All UPS Security Guards. At Union negotiations this week significant progress was made. Over fifteen pages of new contract rights have been negotiated for UPS Guards by your Union Negotiating Committee. 

But the Company wouldn’t talk about money! 

A strike vote is coming. Voting to go on strike does not mean that there will be a strike. It is meant to send a message to UPS that Guards matter! 

If a strike happens this spring or summer strike pay will be $15.00 an hour, TAX FREE. $15.00 an hour times 84 hours a week is $1260.00 a week CLEAR.

You will make roughly as much money on strike picketing, as you would if you were working. Also, Guards will receive $25.00 per week tax free for every dependent you have.

No one wants a strike, but UPS Guards will do what they have to do to get a decent contract! 

By the way, the Union is currently working on housing and food arrangements in the event there is a strike. 

No one will be put in the position where they can’t afford to strike. Special hardship cases will receive assistance as well. 

The bottom line is clear. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to significantly improve the lives of UPS Security Guards. Canadian law says that you cannot be fired for going on a legal strike. IT IS TIME TO STANDUP! IT IS TIME TO BE STRONG! IT IS TIME FOR THE VOICES OF UPS GUARDS TO BE HEARD!

Remember, no one will have to repay strike pay.  When we get a contract you will have to pay Union Dues.  In order to gain access to the strike funds described above you will be asked to vote “YES” to pay Union Dues of $14.00 per week TAX DEDUCTABLE. This is an excellent investment in your job security and your economic future. 


Your Union Negotiating Committee