Union Wins! It’s Time to Fight to Finish the Deal!

UPS employees are very happy. They got their hard earned money back!

After cooking a sleazy deal with a phoney union called STEU, UPS has given you back union dues that were improperly deducted from your pay check. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, a real Union, won these monies for you by fighting at the Labour Board. 

Unfortunately, the company has not abandoned its sleazy tactics. They have given you a threatening and misleading piece of trashy propaganda with your recent pay cheques. They demand professionalism from you but act unethically themselves.

(Click here for a PDF of the letter)

At union negotiation meetings in Edmonton over the past few days, company officials, were clearly embarrassed and ashamed of the letter authored by Mr. Curtis Long. 

Company officials at the negotiating table had no defence for the outrageous letter, only making it clear that it didn’t reflect their opinions. 

UPS now faces serious charges at the Labour Board, involving Mr. Longs letter. 

A government mediator will soon be involved in union negotiations, but it is important, in fact critical that UPS guards stand together in a final push for a new union contract. 

PTI Employees have a union and you deserve one too. In fact PTI employees will now be joining a new campaign, for fairness for UPS Security Guards. Security guards know how to deal with bullies. UPS management, at certain levels, are bullies. UPS security guards are called upon to shift their attention, to the important security task at hand. It is time to change this company. Just as UPS security guards stand up every day to make sure that the Oil Sands are protected, UPS security guards will now stand up with pride to turn UPS into an ethical company that they can be proud to work for. UPS should stand for United Protection Services not United Protection Sleaze. 

UPS employees have been calling the union office and asking union officials when they should go on strike and saying that they are ready to do so. 

We do not want to rush into a strike, but we have not ruled out that option. We are currently preparing a plan for a strike, where strike pay will be significant and housing and meals will be provided to striking UPS guards. Stand by for more information.