Union Negotiations For UPS Security Guards Begin in Fort McMurray!

We are happy to report that negotiations around a new union contact for UPS security guards began this week in Fort McMurray. 

Ten UPS security guards, accompanied by professional union negotiators, engaged in  face-to-face meetings with senior UPS officials. The meetings were held at the Merit Hotel in Fort McMurray, with the following security guards representing the Union:

George Muskwa - Marina Lake Lodge, Shaylene Arcand - Wapasu Main, Eddie Villeneuve - Devon, Abdirashid Mohamed - Wapasu Access, Mohamud Hussen - Wapasu West, Mahad Issa - Wapasu Main Lodge, Anisa Osman - Wapasu East Lodge, Mohamed Abdi - Henday Lodge

Additionally, Union Negotiator Tom Hesse and Special Advisors Chris O’Halloran and Archie Duckworth attended the meetings to assist the Negotiating Team. 

The Company was represented by: 

Curtis Long, Executive Vice President - Chief Legal Officer 

Ross Keenan, Branch Manager - Edmonton and Northern Alberta 

Luis E. Guzman, Vice President - Operations 

April Stone, Vice President - Aboriginal Division

The parties met on Wednesday, March 13 and Thursday March 14, 2013. The negotiation sessions went well and a broad range of topics were discussed. 

Your Union made it clear that UPS employees needed significant improvements to wages and benefits. Your Union Negotiating Team also made it clear that levels of respect for security guards must be enhanced. 

More meetings are scheduled to get started on April 17, 2013 in Edmonton.  

The Union Negotiating Committee told UPS officials that hard working UPS security guards need changes to their working conditions as soon as possible and that negotiations must move along quickly. 

At this stage there is reason for cautious optimism. A number of important new contract clauses for  the Union Contract have already been concluded. However, UPS has not yet offered a single nickel to improve your wages. As well, UPS has not yet done anything to fix the ridiculous overtime system that continues to deprive you of fair compensation for your long hours of work. 

A strike vote in the coming weeks is still a real possibility. 

It is important that we continue to Bargain Strong Together in order to get the deal that UPS security guards deserve. UPS security guards fought hard to join a union and we must continue to remind the company that we are in this fight to achieve a proper result – no matter how long it takes. A fair union contract must be provided to UPS security guards!

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Archie Duckworth at 403-861-2121