Oil Sands Victory a Promising Sign for UPS Edmonton

A recent decision by United Protection Services security guards in Fort McMurray to certify UFCW Local 401 gives hope to the UPS guards in Edmonton who are hoping to do the same.

According to Local 401 Representative Catherine Lelis-Narbonita, guards in the Edmonton area seem emboldened by the actions of their counterparts who work in the Fort McMurray. The success of the security guards in the Oil Sands has encouraged them to take up the fight for real union representation, because they know it can be done without intimidation and bullying from the company.

“There are still a lot of complaints from the guards over unpaid work hours. Some of them tell me they aren’t receiving overtime, even though they work more than 44 hours per week,” says Lelis-Narbonita. “Now they are eager and willing to talk to us, and provide us with information needed to help bring in a union that will address these problems.”

Lelis-Narbonita adds that the unpaid overtime isn’t the only issue brought forward by the Edmonton guards. There are also concerns about a lack of safety training, and hours worked not being reflected on paycheques.

“As long as these issues go unresolved, Local 401 will stand behind these guards and help them become represented by a real union, one that will support them and stand for their rights.”

Local 401 will continue to meet with UPS guards in the coming months. Representatives will be outside the UPS Office, 5909-83 Street Edmonton T6E 4Y3, on the 10th and 25th of every month to talk to UPS guards and provide assistance and guidance in resolving any workplace issues they may have..

UPS Guards who have been experiencing problems in their workplace of any kind are encouraged to get in touch with Catherine Lelis-Narbonita. She can be reached by phone at 780 499 6887, or by email at memberorganizer3@ufcw401.ab.ca

All calls are confidential


February 25, 2013