How to respond to paystub problems

Have you been noticing problems on your pay stub?

In speaking with UPS Security Guards, Local 401 Union Organizers have been hearing repeatedly that guards are not receiving the correct amount of pay.  In many cases the wages are lower than was promised for a specific site, or errors are occurring in how the total pay is being calculated.  In some cases guard or R-Factor bonuses are not being properly paid, shorting workers as much as $500 on a single pay cheque.

“I urge all UPS employees to take a careful look at every pay cheque, and work through some of the calculations themselves,” says Organizing Director Chris O’Halloran.  “When errors like this occur, if no one is questioned then they cannot be corrected and workers may never see the money they have earned.  Further, you risk these pay shortages reoccurring on every cheque.”

If you feel that the amount of pay you are receiving is lower than it should be, take these steps to insure your hard earned wages are making it into your pocket.

1.       Take a look at the information provided on your bi-weekly pay stub.  If you are not receiving the correct rate, hours, or total amount of pay – immediately inform the UPS office staff and ask that they adjust your pay.

2.       If the issue remains unresolved, make sure to keep a copy of your pay stub and write out a statement of what occurred.

3.       Contact your Union for support:

·         If you work in Fort McMurray, Local 401 now represents you and we would love to work with you to correct these issues.  Please contact us at 1-780-743-4190 or  Just say that you are a UPS Guard and you’d like to speak with a Union Representative and you’ll be directed an available representative.

·         If you work in Edmonton, contact your STEU representative and ask that they address the issue. James Holmes can be reached at or 905-521-1178 or Tony Losak at or 905-520-9932. If you are unable to get a hold of these representatives or the matter remains unaddressed, please contact the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) at 1-800-463-2572. As Union Members you are entitled to rights contained in the Alberta Labour Relations Code (the Code). If your right to Union Representation is not being met, please inform them.  

Remember to raise your voices and be heard.  If UPS Guards do not speak out, it’s them who will lose out.  

If you have any questions regarding your pay stubs, you can also contact Chloë Carpenter at 780-499-6887 or Follow us on FacebookandTwitter.