UPS - The R Factor Rip-off

UPS Guards are paid approximately $10.00 per hour, that’s your wage! When Guards get hired they are not the truth about their hourly rate, the R-Factor and how it really works. Often they are told they will get $15.25 per hour BUT that’s not true. The truth is guards are hired at $10.00 per hour and may receive $5.25 per hour or $8.25 per hour for the R-factor depending on where they are assigned to work.


Because the R-factor is not included in your wage UPS does not pay overtime on the R-Factor. YOU LOSE MONEY!

Because the R-Factor is not included in your wage UPS also has not included the R-Factor on your vacation pay. YOU LOSE MONEY!

Because the R-Factor is not included in your wage UPS has not included the R-Factor when calculating your stat holiday pay. YOU LOSE MONEY!

This also affects your EI and CPP meaning that should you need to collect you will receive less because they did not include the R-Factor in those deductions.

In short they are subsidizing themselves by disguising over half of your hourly income in a bogus bonus system which is costing you a bundle!

Through our investigation into the R-Factor we found the UPS pay system and calculations to be inaccurate and confusing. UFCW Local 401 will assist any and all UPS Guards with complaints against UPS for their eroded pay system. Please contact us so that we can assist you with your complaint.

It’s time that you receive credit for all of your wages and are compensated no less than other guards in the Wood Buffalo Area. UFCW will make the R-Factor issue a priority at the negotiating table!


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call Archie Duckworth at 1-403-861-2121 or email You can also visit our website www.thesecurityguardunion.caor follow us on