Frustrations Increase Among UPS guards

Tensions are mounting between management and employees of United Protection Services. Workers say paycheques are coming up short, and without proper union representation many don't know where to turn to resolve their concerns.

On Monday, Dec 10, 2012, several members of the UFCW Local 401 organizing force were out  at United Protection Services head office in Edmonton handing out informational leaflets and talking with guards as they came to pick up their paycheques. They were able to speak with several guards to hear about their concerns and issues with regards to UPS.

UPS guards are getting very frustrated over a variety of issues, from scheduling to pay and more. They have found no help in going to their employer or union.  The most common problem organizers heard was incorrect pay, with some guards saying they are missing upwards of hundreds of dollars on their paycheques. 

“We want to show the guards that there is an option out there for them. That we are out there to fight for them and they are not alone in believing they deserve better! Better wages, better scheduling, better working conditions,” says Union Organizer Shauna Mihalicz. “We have been working hard in trying to talk with all UPS guards to hear their opinions and issues. To let them know that they are right in feeling they deserve better, that  there are options available to them.”

“Guards have a voice and they should be able to use it to bargain a collective agreement with their employer! Not have a contact forced upon them that they had no part of in making.”