STEU and UPS Join Forces Again

UPS and STEU along with their legal councils joined forces to have the December 11, 12, and 13 Labour Board hearing adjourned. The reason for the adjournment was because the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) did not feel they would be able to properly deal with the charges laid by UFCW Local 401 against UPS and STEU, until the ALRB ruled on the successorship application that had been filed by UFCW Local 401.

The adjournment of the hearing dates was not a total loss for Local 401 and the UPS security guards who are fighting for real union representation.  The ALRB will hold the afternoon of December 11 (1:30pm start) and then all day on December 12 for a Resolution Conference and Case Management Conference on the unfair labour practices. This will allow the ALRB to deal with production of documents and materials that UPS and STEU say they will not turn over to UFCW Local 401. Their reasoning for not turning over the documents is that they do not believe Local 401 has standing at these hearings if the successorship application is not successful. The issue of standing refers to whether Local 401 has a legal claim to access information from UPS and STEU.

These dates can also be used to deal with resolving any remedial issues that arise out of the successorship decision. “The ALRB referenced that a decision on the successorship issue might not be far off. Knowing that a decision is not far off is great news,” says UFCW Local 401 Director of Organizing Chris O’Halloran. “When we get the successorship decision it will finally put to rest the issue of union representation for UPS security guards in the Alberta Oil Sands.”

 The ALRB will hold December 13 for a hearing into any remedial issues arising out of the successorship decision. “When dealing with any legal system there are no guarantees that a hearing will process as scheduled,” continues O’Halloran, “but, the fact that they are setting dates to deal with the outcome of the successorship application is a good sign.”

If you have any questions or concerns reharding this hearing, please contact Chris O’Halloran at (403)797 2878, or by email at