Time for a Change: UPS Guards Want a Real Union

United Protection Services security guards in Alberta want better wages and working conditions, and so far their employer has failed to respond. On Thursday October 25, 2012 several organizers with UFCW Local 401 visited the United Protection Services office in Edmonton to hand out information leaflets and speak with more than 40 guards as they stopped by to collect their pay cheques. 

"We are trying to show guards that they aren’t alone in feeling like they deserve better from a job,” says Union Organizer Chloë Carpenter.  “In speaking with the guards it’s clear just how much frustration and confusion they are experiencing,” continues Carpenter. “ Two of the guards I spoke with were handing in their two weeks notice because the job had become unbearable due to low pay and scheduling issues, as well as lack of breaks and days off.”

UPS guards are represented by a sub-standard contract between their employer and the Specialty and Temporary Employees Union (STEU).  STEU is a ‘company union,’ a union that is endorsed by the employer because it will always side with the company over the workers.

“At least four Duty of Fair Representation complaints have been filed with the Alberta Labour Relations Board alleging that STEU Union Representatives have acted negligently in their duties towards UPS guards,” says Local 401 Director of Organizing Chris O’Halloran. 

“The message that UFCW Local 401 is trying to get out to guards is that there is a way to achieve the standards they are asking for at work, but STEU is not going to be able to get them there.”

UFCW Local 401 is the leading voice in advocating for security professionals in Alberta.  With more than 30, 000 members, Local 401 is the largest private sector union in Alberta and the most capable of taking on employers like UPS.  

To find out more about what Local 401 can do for UPS guards contact Chloë Carpenter at 780-499-6887, memberorganizer3@ufcw401.ab.ca or Brandy Timm at 780-742-4257, organize@ufcw401.ab.ca .

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