UPS Deductions

UFCW Local 401 met with UPS guards recently and some things have been brought to our attention that we would like to clarify for all UPS guards. Some guards are having questionable deductions taken off their paycheques, such as varying sums of up to $30.00/month for uniform rentals. This is what the Union Contract between STEU and UPS states:

Article 21-06   Uniform Deductions

All Guards will have a mandatory Uniform holding fee of $200.00 of which $175.00 is returned upon leaving. A weekly uniform rental fee of $4.00 will be deducted from each guards bi-weekly pay.

What this means is that UPS will charge $4.00 per week for the UPS uniform, so since employees paycheques are bi-weekly they should be deducted $8.00 every pay cheque, totalling $16.00 per month. Other deductions to watch for on the UPS employee paystub are the medical benefits.  Some people are being charged $80.00 biweekly for their medical benefits when they should only be charged once monthly. If UPS guards are facing issues like these, please contact STEU to file a grievance against the company.

In the Union Contract between UPS and STEU, Article 9 Grievance Procedure, lays out the steps the employee must take to file a complaint or grievance. The First step states that the employee must take any complaint or question to their manager or his/her designate within 5 days of the occurrence to give UPS a chance to correct the situation. If the employee fails to complete this step there will be NO grievance. The employee may be accompanied by the union steward, or a chosen co-worker if the employee request such assistance. UFCW Local 401 recommends employees exercise this right. If that complaint or question is not settled to the employee’s satisfaction within five (5) days, then step two (2) will now take place.  

In the second step a written grievance, signed by the employee, must be delivered to both the current UPS manager and STEU Union Representative. The grievance should include details of the employee’s complaint. The UPS manager will then issue his/her decision regarding the grievance in writing with appropriate reasons and deliver a copy to the shop steward and the Union Office within five (5) days.

Within five (5) days of the managers response, if the issue is not solved step three (3) takes place.  A meeting shall happen between the griever (person with the complaint), a representative of the Union, and UPS management. If during this meeting the grievance is not settled between both parties, the grievance may be forwarded to arbitration if either party requests it within five (5) days. In Arbitration there is a third party person who sits in and listens to both sides of the situation and tries to assist in finding a solution.

If you are experiencing any work related issues please try and contact STEU representative James Holmes at (905) 521-1178 or by email at  James Holmes is supposed to be representing UPS guards, and if he fails to do so whether it is by not returning or answering anyone’s calls or emails, or helping with a legitimate grievance, please call UFCW Local 401.