Want to be a Union organizer?

Call for applications to attend the UFCW Local 401 Organizing School, running from January 21 - 25, 2013 in Calgary. The deadline to register is January 1st.

In workplaces across Alberta workers want to organize for better job security, protections against bullying and discrimination, fair wages and benefits. We need members to show them how, and that’s where you come in.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401 has taken up the challenge of unionizing workers across the Province of Alberta and is calling on all members who are interested in union organizing to apply for the upcoming organizing school.

“Workers have been joining our union to get the dignity and respect they deserve at work,” says UFCW Local 401 President Douglas O’Halloran. “With 12 new union certifications in 2012, we know working Albertans want to join Alberta’s Largest Private Sector Union.”

Organizing schools focus on providing participants with the tools they need to mobilize workers to actively stand up for their rights at work by joining a union. Some of the topics covered are: basic union knowledge, the benefits of a Union Contract, reasons why workers unionize, and organizing procedures. Successful participants could have the opportunity to work with Local 401 for 3 to 6 month periods.

If you are interested in taking part in this course, please contact us no later than January 1, 2013. There is no experience needed to apply. Computer and second language skills will be considered an asset, but not a necessity. 

To submit a resume, or if you have any questions, please contact:

Stephen Magusiak

Phone: 403-291-1047
Fax: 403-250-3412