Beyond the Workplace Benefits!

Did you know that UFCW Local 401 offers a variety of benefits to its membership that don’t necessarily relate directly to their working conditions? These benefits go beyond what’s laid out in a Union Contract and consider other necessary aspect people’s lives. When your workday ends, have your Union work for you by taking advantage of these great tools! 


  • There are many Scholarships and contests that are offered at the both the local and national levels. There is lots of information on how to apply for these on our website


  • webCampus provides online college credited courses offered through Mohawk College which can be taken by yourselves, as well as your friends and family. Courses that are passed will be followed by a college certificate that is recognized by other universities and colleges. 
  • The Union also offers many courses that are run from our in house facilitators such as: Facing Management, Shop Steward, Public Speaking, Women in Finance, and Health and Safety. To see the full list of courses we offer go to 


  • By partnering with financial institutions, UFCW Local 401 is able to offer its membership group rates on home and auto insurance just because they belong to a Union. Find out more at 


  • UFCW Local 401 has full-time Workers Compensation Advocates and on-staff Lawyers who are available to assist you with a variety of issues, such as filling out paper work or handling work related legal proceedings. They can be reached by contacting the local union office closest to you.
  • Trained counsellors are available to offer guidance, referrals, and information to members about issues they may be experiencing both on and off the job. All conversations are completely confidential. To get in-touch with a union counsellor, please contact your local union office. 

And don’t forget that having representation means that anytime questions or issues arise at work, a Union Representative is available to address your individual concerns.