To All G4S Guards

UFCW Local 401 is currently preparing for Union Contract negotiations with United Protection Services. Through the process of organizing UPS we have learned a considerable amount about the issues facing security guards.  You may be facing similar issues as security guard at G4S, and we hope that our experience with UPS will come to benefit you as Local 401 organizes your workplace.   

We would have had liked to have the G4S and UPS companies negotiating a Union Contract at the same time to increase their bargaining power and enable both companies to obtain similar working conditions.  Since UPS and G4S are both large security companies, they are capable of establishing a working standard, particularly in regards to wages, for all guards in Northern Alberta. Therefore it is more important than ever for security guards at G4S to take a stand for their working rights.

This is Your Time

The G4S organizing campaign has been progressing slowly due to the high rate of employee turnover resulting from poor working conditions and pay. The large numbers of employees who are quitting indicates that workers are dissatisfied with their jobs at G4S.  In order to create a better working environment you need to have a Union Contract, which guarantees in writing your working conditions by covering topics such as wages, benefits, health and safety, union representation, and holidays. This contract gives you a voice in your workplace, allowing you to use what’s called a “grievance procedure” to challenge disciplines, terminations, or violations of the contract that you believe are unfair.  Without this contract, you are susceptible to problems like favoritism, unjust terminations, and harassment.  

Local 401 is striving to change the outlook for working security guards, but we cannot do this alone. We need your help.  Because the G4S staff are constantly changing, it’s difficult for us to have our message reach all the new hires.  We need you to talk to your co-workers about joining UFCW Local 401, and have them contact the Union with any questions they may have.  You can let them know that until a contract is in place, there is no cost to themselves for joining a Union.   Remind them, that it is their right to so sign a petition and that the petition is completely confidential.

The only way to join your G4S brother and sisters that are unionized in two other Proveniences across Canada and your UPS brothers and sisters is to sign a petition so guards in the North can be paid properly and have respect and dignity. Tell your co-workers to contact a Union representative now to sign a petition.  


Archie Duckworth
UFCW Local 401
Union Organizer

Nanette Nyitrai
UFCW Local 401
Union Organizer
8119 Fraser Avenue (Upper)
Fort McMurray, AB
T9H 1W5