Amended Unionization Certificate

The Alberta Labour Relation Board (ALRB) has amended the unionization certificate for United Protection Services / United First Nations Corp. (UPS/UFNC). This is just a technical change and will have no impact on the unionization process for the UPS/UFNC Security Guards. The ALRB only amendment to the scope of the Bargaining Unit; the term “Bargaining Unit” is used to describe who is covered by the Union Contract or who is a member of the Union. In this case the ALRB originally said that only the UPS/UFNC Security Guards working in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo would be included in the Union Contract. During the Unions application for Certification the ALRB expanded the scope of the Bargaining Unit from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to the Province of Alberta. This means that every Security Guard in the Province of Alberta, working for United First Nations Corp. is a member of the Union.


The Union is in the process of gathering information to start Negotiations. One of the key pieces of information we are gathering is a list of all the work sites UPS/UFNC Security Guards are assigned to work. Please email click on the “Contact Us” link and email the Union a list of the work sites you have been assigned to work at.


If you know anyone who is not receiving email correspondence from the union, have them email the union and we can make arrangement s for them to receive Union updates. All contact and communication between you and your union is confidential.