Next Steps for UPS/UFNC

As you may have read on our Facebook page, the workers of United Protection Services/United First Nations Corp. (UPS/UFNC) recently voted 72% in favor of unionization with UFCW Local 401.  

Now the employees are preparing for the next steps.

UFCW Local 401 representatives will be holding proposal meetings with employees to gather ideas about what Security Guards want to see in their Union contract. This is very important as it is the workers who are protected by their Union contract who determine what they want to be negotiated on their behalf. They are also considering whom among their co-workers they would like to see on their negotiating committee.

In the negotiation process, the employer and UFCW Local 401 representatives, along with employees on the negotiating committee, will begin to negotiate a Collective Agreement. This agreement – the Union contract – sets out wages, benefits, working conditions, job security, and other workers’ rights.

The steps following the secret ballot vote provide an exciting opportunity for UPS/UFNC workers to have their voices heard.  We are all looking forward to the negotiating process!