UPS/UFNC Vote Counted

Over the past 6 months the workers at United Protection Services/United First Nations Corp. (UPS/UFNC) have been signing Union petitions showing the Alberta Labour Relations Board their support for negotiation of a Union contract with UFCW Local 401.  After applying for Union certification the UPS/UFNC workers were able to vote as to whether or not they wished to Unionize.  After a drawn out voting process and many delays, the votes have finally been counted!  In an encouraging endorsement of UFCW Local 401, the results came in with a firm majority voting 72% YES for Union representation. An incredible victory for Security Guards in Alberta! 

UPS/UFNC, which works at 19 different sites across the Oil Sands region of Alberta, is joining the recently Unionized Securitas and becoming the second security company to Unionize with UFCW Local 401. It is an exciting time for the workers at UPS/UFNC.  Their voices will be heard through the process of negotiating a Union Contract with their employer for the betterment of their workplace!

UFCW Local 401 wishes to continue its outreach to the new hires at UPS/UFNC and answer any questions they may have about Unionization.  The Union encourages all new UPS/UFNC security guards to contact the Union and sign up for our email updates or follow our Facebook updates.