Securitas Negotiating Update January 2012

Attention Union Members:

As a result of your recent successful vote to unionize, you have the right to have a contract negotiated for you by your Union. 

As you may be aware your Union has been meeting with your Employer over the course of the last month to try and negotiate a first Union Contract for you. This was a challenging process as the Union had to file a complaint at the Labour Relations Board just to get your Employer to come to the negotiating table in a timely manner. As a result of the complaint that the Union filed, we were able to get several dates in January for negotiations. To date, the Union and the Company have met for approximately nine (9) days over the course of three (3) weeks.
In the negotiating process some of your co-workers sit at the negotiating table on your behalf, representing your interests and making sure that your voice is heard by the Employer. Proposals gathered from you and your co-workers represent some of the suggestions for a new Union Contract.
During these negotiations we have been successful in getting through the majority of non-monetary proposals and are now in discussions regarding the monetary items. Monetary items are important issues such as wages and benefits.
We wouldn’t characterize negotiations as being particularly easy to this point, however, the real challenge always begins when we discuss monetary issues.  As the saying goes, “this is where it gets hard!”.
During a recent set of negotiations, the Employer had already begun painting a bleak financial picture of their operations in Fort McMurray. They insisted that Fort McMurray was not as profitable as they had hoped it would be. We know you work hard and deserve a decent competitive wage that will help you to afford to live and work in the Fort McMurray area. We also believe that if your Employer wishes to remain competitive in their marketplace, they need to pay you accordingly.  
In the Union everyone gets to have their say. We believe in the democratic process, which means that you will get a chance to vote yes or no on any contract offer. 
If we should receive an offer from the Employer we will schedule a meeting to discuss it with you and provide you with the opportunity to cast a ballot (vote) to determine whether it becomes your new Union Contract. If you are not satisfied with the Company’s offer, send the Union’s negotiating committee back to the negotiating table.
Please watch your email for future updates regarding negotiations or visit this website
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