Uniforms - What has Local 401 negotiated?

We have been told that UPS security guards are being charged for uniforms. In the Fort McMurray and Oil Sands Region Local 401 represent 4 different employers: Buffalo-Metis Catering, Crown Camp Services, Safeway and Superstore. At all 4 employers, Local 401 has negotiated that the employers provide workers with uniforms free of charge. 

On March 13, 2011 union members at Pebble Beach Lodge ratified there first union contract. Here is an example of the contract language Local 401 has negotiated for these workers: 
Article 17 – Clothing and Tools
17.3 The Company shall supply free of charge any uniform, laundry and tools of same, that the employee may require to wear/or use. Such articles shall be returned to the Company on termination of employment. 
Joining a union is as simple as contacting a union organizer and signing a union petition. Signing a union petition is confidential and safe. Security guards deserve the same Wages, Benefits and Fairness as other Oil Sands workers.  
To find out more about the Union Advantage Local 401 has negotiated for other workers in the Oil Sands Region contact us.