United Protections Services Vote Count Delayed Again!

Many UPS workers are anxious to count the votes. Because of unnecessary arguments from the employer that count has been delayed. The latest and hopefully final argument is for two UPS guards, who were not on the voters list, to receive ballots to vote. Their ballots have been mailed out and the ballots have to be returned by February 21st, 2012. We are confident that the vote will be counted shortly after the deadline. The vote may be counted earlier as the two individuals voting may send their ballots in before the deadline.

UFCW Local 401 is committed to protecting your rights in the workplace. This is why we are at the hearings, standing up for the workers and looking out for your best interests. We understand that many of your co-workers have left and new workers have been hired. It is important to speak to the new workers about the union. They will be members as well. Please encourage them to contact us if they have any questions. If they provide their e-mail address to us, we can add them to our distribution list so they can receive updates also. We have spoken with many new UPS guards and they have told us the workers at UPS need to have union representation. One new guard went as far as to say, "I have never worked for such low pay where the employer expects so much."  Another new guard doesn't understand why they are not getting paid proper overtime and make less than camp workers.  Some of the older guards are complaining about the Health and Safety as many work in the cold without proper rotation and personal protective equipment. 
As you can see we are still out there, speaking to guards about the issues. We want to help improve your workplace but because of delays beyond our control the process is slow. That being said, it will not stop us in fighting for you if you are being treated unfairly now.
This is your union. It has been a long struggle but the in the end it will be worth it. You will have a voice in your workplace. Stay strong!