Straight Talk to G4S Guards

We know that you support the union and you have many reasons to do so. Some of you may think that it is taking a long time to reach that secret ballot vote. The union has a few issues that you can help us with.

As we have collected many petitions and are getting close to the point where we can apply to the Alberta Labour Relations Board for a secret ballot vote, we need your help. It becomes difficult to reach co-workers because of your shift work. That is why it sometimes takes longer to reach point where a vote will be held.
Another reason which has made organizing more difficult, and I think you and your co-workers can agree, is a great number of workers have quit because of the working conditions and poor pay. You need to realize that when a workplace becomes unionized, the turnover in that workplace is drastically reduced. This makes it better for everyone as you are not working harder always having to train new employees.
Many of you are saying that safety has become a major problem; there is very little training and no representation or help from the employer when you are injured on the job. An example would be when a guard was assaulted by a client. 
In saying that, if we all work together by talking to your co-workers and getting them to sign a confidential petition this will speed up the process. Remember, this is your union and you must fight for it the same as you would fight for any other personal right.


As you are aware, UPS has voted and we believe in favour of the union. This was a difficult organizing campaign as they were working at sites all over the north but we succeeded because all the security guards worked together. Another security company we organized, Securitas, is now in negotiations and are making progress towards a fair collective agreement. 
G4S is unionized in Ontario and Manitoba. UFCW has a good working relationship with G4S.  Why shouldn’t you also be protected by a union? G4S signs contracts with clients. Why shouldn’t you have a contract with G4S? 
We have just negotiated a contract with Horizon North for the workers at Red Clay Lodge.  Please visit our website for details and see what we can do.