Message for G4S

Happy New Year! Applying for Union certification will be a great start to a wonderful New Year. We are still out working hard organizing G4S guards. We know there are many new employees and we would like your help getting in touch with them. We need to get a vote in your workplace so we can start negotiating a union contract as soon as possible. Please pass along our contact information so we can let them know the benefits of being a union member. Let this New Year bring about better wages, better benefits and better treatment!

One issue that we need to address is negative information about unions. You know what the benefits of a union workplace but others hang on to myths and falsehoods about unions. 

Here are some common myths about unions:


Myth #1. Unions protect lazy workers.

This is the one managers like to use to scapegoat the Union when they do not do their job. Unions protect all workers. Period. Every Union contract has a progressive discipline policy which doesn't mean employees cannot be disciplined but they can only be disciplined for a just cause. Progressive means that it gives workers a chance to change or learn from what they have done wrong. It is up to management to train and monitor an employees performance. When they do not do their job, it creates hardship for employees who have to "pick up the slack" and the employees who do not know any better because they have never been told. As you can see it is management who protects lazy workers, not the Union.

Myth #2. I won't be able to talk to my manager anymore.

We want workers and managers to have a good working relationship. Nothing is stopping you from going to your employer and speaking to them about issues you have. When employees have a union contract, it makes for a better working situation because the employees know what their rights are and so do management. Everyone is treated fairly and with respect. The one time that we do tell workers they need to have union representation is when they are receiving a discipline.

Myth #3. The company will close if the unions comes in.

This is a common threat that companies use as a scare tactic. First it is against the law for a company to close when workers want to unionize and as I have stated previously, unions are there for the workers. Why would we try to put a company out of business? How would that protect workers? Employers do not want you to have a Union because when they say they cannot afford to pay you more or give you the benefits you deserve, we say "ok, prove it" and they will have to. They do not want you to know how they have been taking advantage of you by giving you less so they can have more.
If you hear coworkers saying things about the unions that are negative, encourage them to contact us. Tell them they need to make an informed decision. Let us know what they are saying so we can address it.

Remember: Knowledge is power!


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