Securitas Workers Demand Bargaining Dates

Securitas workers decided months ago that they would benefit from Union representation. Although this process can be challenging and difficult, workers still demanded to be paid and treated fairly in a community where cost of living cannot be compared to anywhere else in Canada. They signed petitions and voted in favour of Unionization.

Once the Alberta Labour Relations Boards notified the Union and its new members of their successful vote, the Union notified the Company to commence bargaining. In Alberta once the Employer has been served notice to bargain they must properly respond and meet within 30 days of being served notice. In this case the Employer neglected to comply with the code and as a result the Union filed a complaint with the Alberta Labour Relations Board. As a result the Company has offered dates in January that were not offered previous to the complaint being filed.
This Local Union will use every possible legal avenue available to ensure that Employers fulfill their bargaining obligations, it’s the least they can do.

UFCW Local 401 members demand that Securitas begin bargaining immediately and that we reach a collective agreement that Securitas members are willing to accept as soon as possible.