Continuing to sign UPS/UNFC Security Guards

UFCW Local 401 is still continuing to sign UPS/ UFNC security guards to Union petition. Even though we have applied and received a Union certification vote for all security guards working in Alberta, Local 401 wants to keep reaching out to newly hired security guards. Once the votes have been counted and Local 401 is certified as the employee’s representative, we will represent all employees not just the employees that originally signed a Union petition and voted for the Union. The Union believes that all employees have the right to hear from the Union and the Company, and form their own opinions. The Union encourages all new UPS/UFNC security guards to contact the Union and sign up for our email updates or follow our Facebook updates.  We are still continuing to have new employees sign a Union petition and show their support for the Union as well. If you have any questions about signing a Union petition or would like to receive our email updates please contact us at