Scholarships with your Union – UFCW Local 401

UFCW Canada and UFCW local 401 provide a number of scholarships opportunities to members and their families. If you choose to join local 401 you and your families would be able to apply for these scholarships.

Robert McWilliam Scholarship

Grant Notley Scholarship

Beggs-Dowling-Mathieu Scholarship

UFCW International Scholarship

UFCW Canada Migrant Workers Scholarship


Robert McWilliams Scholarship

Robert McWilliams was a Union Representative at the Local Union for a significant number of years. A committed activist, Robert is known to have aggressively defended workers rights throughout his life. Robert became especially well known for his role in ensuring that Superstore employees were treated fairly when the Company was becoming newly established in Alberta. Robert worked with young Union members who were university and college students and believed strongly in protecting the rights of part-timers. Unfortunately in 1989, Robert died suddenly in a tragic traffic accident in downtown Edmonton. It is on Robert's behalf that this scholarship was created in his memory. The Robert McWilliams Memorial Scholarship is available to UFCW Local 401 members and their immediate families. The Robert McWilliams Memorial Scholarship is awarded every year to UFCW Canada local 401 members or eligible family members as stated above. There are two (2) scholarships awarded worth $2,500.00 each.

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Grant Notley Scholarship

Grant Notley was an extremely influential person to many Albertans during his reign as leader of the New Democratic Party in Alberta. His dedication, commitment and hard work was recognized and respected by his fellow politicians as well as those of all political sectors. In recognition of his achievements and contributions to Albertan's, UFCW Canada local 401 has ensured his name and legacy lives on through the Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship. The Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship is available to UFCW Canada local 401 members and their immediate families. The Grant Notley Memorial Scholarships may vary in value from $500.00 and up to $2,000.00. Each Year there is up to $25,000.00 allocated for disbursement to eligible applicants.

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Beggs-Dowling-Mathieu Scholarship

As an ally and resource to the membership, UFCW Canada is committed to providing opportunities to improve the future of members and their families. One initiative we're particularly proud of is the Beggs-Dowling-Mathieu Scholarships Program which over the past 20 years has awarded more than $250,000 in scholarships to UFCW Canada members and members of their families. Allocated by regions across Canada these scholarships are named as a lasting tribute to three past leaders of our union: William Beggs, Fred Dowling, and Roméo Mathieu. Each year UFCW Canada offers 18 annual Beggs-Dowling-Mathieu Scholarships of $1,000 each to active members and their family members for post-secondary study. If you are a UFCW Canada member, you, your spouse and children are eligible to apply if you are attending full-time studies at a Canadian university, college, or other recognized post-secondary institution. Applying for the Beggs – Dowling – Mathieu Scholarship is easy. You don't have to be an A+ student. All it requires is a passion for learning, enrollment at a post-secondary institution, and just a few minutes to complete the online application.

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UFCW International Scholarship

The opportunity doesn't end there. UFCW Canada members may also apply for the UFCW International Scholarship. Each year, scholarships each worth $8,000 are awarded to two UFCW Canada members, or their dependants. To find out more about the UFCW International Scholarship program and to apply online, go to


UFCW Canada Migrant Workers Scholarship

As the largest private-sector union in Canada, UFCW Canada understands the importance of education, and as such is launching five scholarships for the children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews of Migrant Workers in Canada.

Each scholarship is in the amount of $1000 CDN.

Children nominated for the scholarships can be of any nationality and do not have to reside in Canada.

Scholarship Criteria:Only those persons who entered Canada to work under the Migrant Workers program (for example, a live-in caregiver, a seasonal agriculture worker, or a temporary foreign worker in any industry) and are in Canada as of December 31, 2010 are eligible to apply.

Nominated children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews of the Applicant may be in any country, can be of any nationality, but must be between 5 to 30 years of age and attending an educational institution or would like to attend an educational institution.

The Scholarships will be awarded to nominated children who have shown leadership or achievement in one of the following areas: academic or scholarly success, community and leadership work, or artistic achievement.

Please note that only English, French and Spanish applications are available online. Supporting documentation may be sent electronically to with the name of the Applicant in the Subject Line.

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