First Nations - Expression of Solidarity

United Protection Services/United First Nation Corp. continues to provide you will misleading information. This quote came from a friend and ally of UFCW Canada who heard about your employers tactics. Tehonikonrathe wrote this quote as an expression of solidarity with the workers who are trying to organize.  

“My pay cheque was written tax free all 15 years I worked for the federal government. Our laws were our own laws long before Canada became Canada. We belong to our own nation. They (the employers) work on our land, we don’t work on theirs.”
Tehonikonrathe (Robert Fisher)
Bear Clan
Mohawk Nation
UFCW Local 401 is committed to working with our First Nations partners in an open and transparent manner. “If we want to address the issue and concern of First Nations workers we have to be upfront and honest with them” says Local 401 President Douglas O’Halloran. “The information you’re receiving from your employer is misleading and inappropriate.” Watch the website for stories and examples about UFCW’s history with the First Nation community and the direction Local 401 is going.