All Peace Protection Security Guard Update

On 2 April 2015, All Peace Protection Security Guards flexed their democratic muscles as Canadian workers and voted for UFCW Local 401 as their union at work. We at UFCW Local 401 are all extremely excited at the prospect of hardworking All Peace Protection employees becoming a part of our membership.
Before the union vote, the employer at All Peace Protection made a great miscalculation: they underestimated the intelligence of their employees by distributing misinformation and lies to them about the union while thinking the Security Guards (who are trained to see through deception and crookedness) would believe these obviously false statements about the union from their employer.
Winning a Union Contract can be like a chess match in that it is the most fatal mistake to underestimate who sits across from you at the table. The company thinks that employees at All Peace Protection are just pawns in this game, when in reality employees are kings are queens of their own castles who are modestly trying to build the best lives for their own families. The simple truth is that the smart players know the best way to build a bright and secure future in these unstable economic times is with a Union Contract and with the protection and benefits that come with joining a union.
Brothers and Sisters at All Peace Protection, your union stands strongly beside you in the face of your employer who has used every tactic to cheat you of your rights as a Canadian worker, this includes the stalling tactics the company is using now. Your employer could not stop your growth before with their lies so now they are causing more suffering by delaying the vote.
Good does not hide from the light. What is the company running away from by blocking the results of your vote? Your union knows the reason; we have dealt with scared employers like this before.
The company knows that once the Security Guards at All Peace Protection win a union it will be easier for all other Security Guards in Alberta working for the company to win a union at their workplace. So you see, Brothers and Sisters at All Peace, your employer is not thinking about you and your families now while they block counting of your ballots and block your democratic voice, they are thinking about how your victory would impact their overall Alberta profits as a company.
Your employer might be afraid of the voting results, but are you as a worker and as a soon-to-be union member? When UFCW Local 401 stands beside you as your union, the answer is always: NO, we are not afraid. At this time, we straighten our backs to this bullying employer, remember our true goals, and tell All Peace Protection we want and deserve to know the results of the vote.
It is UFCW Local 401’s position that the ballots should be opened immediately for the sake of the dedicated employees at All Peace Protection. Once the vote is counted, employees at All Peace Protection will have the representation of UFCW Local 401 as their union and negotiations for a Union Contract with the employer can begin.
UFCW Local 401 is more than 30,000 members strong across Alberta and looks forward to soon welcoming All Peace Protection Security Guards as part of our union family. For questions or more information on the unionization process, please contact UFCW Local 401 Union Organizer Saba Mossagizi confidentially at 780-920-3773 or