G4S Negotiations Update

The first set of negotiations between UFCW Local 401 G4S members and G4S Security Company kicked off in Edmonton between September 15 and 16, 2014.

The union's Negotiating Committee met early on Monday to set the stage for the meetings and review the employee surveys. Later that day, the Committee met with the Company and discussed what it hoped to accomplish during bargaining.

The Company’s representatives also spoke about having a productive set of meetings and their hope that negotiations would go swiftly.

But when it was time to exchange proposals, it became evident to G4S members that G4S either does not understand the process or is not willing to negotiate.

The Employer brought a two-page proposal that did not include important elements such as a grievance procedure, employee rights, or a seniority clause.

Meanwhile, the Negotiating Committee presented a 42 page document that stipulated all the provisions of a Union Contract.

Disappointingly, the Company representatives could not answer basic questions regarding the management of schedules, payroll, rotations, and accommodation.

On Tuesday, the Union Negotiating Committee was joined by UFCW Local 401 President Doug O’Halloran to help move negotiations along.

The Company started the day off by refusing to negotiate health and safety language because it was a monetary/cost issue. The Company insisted on discussing only the non-monetary issues and provided the Committee with a list of topics they were prepared to move on.

The union then proposed language regarding seniority, managerial rights and discrimination; however, nothing was agreed to.

“The membership should start thinking about the possibility of job action if the employer isn’t willing to agree to basic union rights language or grievance procedure,” said President Doug O’Halloran. “Things don’t look promising for G4S. But with a strong union, Negotiating Committee and membership, we will be able to get G4S' attention and get negotiation moving in October”

The next sets of negotiating meetings are scheduled for October 8 -9, October 22 – 23, November 5 – 6, and November 19 – 20.