Big Win For G4S Security Guards!

UFCW Local 401 began organizing security guards in northern Alberta  because of their significant need for proper union representation. Security guards were experiencing challenging issues related to fair pay, reasonable benefits, and being treated with dignity and respect in their workplaces.

When G4S Security became the sole security contract for all PTI camps, we knew the time was right to provide G4S guards with the representation they needed to get the contract they deserved.

President Doug O’Halloran insists that any workers at camps in which the union is active be well represented. And so with our other members at PTI camps benefiting from a strong Union Contract, we went about ensuring we could provide the same opportunities to G4S security guards.

Our campaign was short and decisive. G4S guards already knew the importance of joining a strong union and were keen to have UFCW Local 401 represent their best interests.

The results from last week’s vote told the tale – G4S guards overwhelmingly supported joining the union with 98 votes in favour and only 3 opposed. Additionally, UFCW Local 401 won the right to represent supervisors, who were also in need of proper union representation.

Now we can turn our attention to the real business of negotiating G4S guards’ first Union Contract and ensuring they get the benefits that they deserve. The union will meet with the Company to begin negotiating and to discuss ongoing issues in the workplace.

We know that our newest members at G4S are excited and UFCW local 401 is equally excited at the opportunity to represent them. Together, we will make a difference at G4S Security!