Labour Board Update for G4S Guards

To All G4S Guards – UPDATE

On Wednesday, UFCW local 401 attended a meeting with the Labor Board where G4S was well represented with Human Resources from Toronto, the Western Vice President of Operations along with Management from Edmonton to hear evidence with respect to two issues:

  1. Whether Kearl guards from Brass Alley would be included in our bargaining unit.  As has been stated before and still maintain, the union takes no stand on this issue.
  2. Whether or not supervisors will be allowed in the bargaining unit and have Union Representation like everyone else. UFCW Local 401 believes that supervisors should be allowed to have Union representation. 

The hearing got off to a poor start and was delayed a few hours due to technical issues created by the Company.  In any event, we did start, the argument began, and our witnesses were called in to testify on the above issues.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time and a new date has to be scheduled to hear the rest of the evidence so the board can make a determination on the above issues. 

Dates have not been set yet, but we will keep guards informed.  The union is very disappointed in these delays.  In addition, the scheduled meeting of April 17th has been postponed at the Company’s request.

These delays exist only to test us. The union's resolve is that will be that you will have the chance to become Unionized and achieve a good Union contract that you as Protectors of the North deserve. 

In the meantime, please inform the union of any issues that you may have in the workplace.  It is important that we know to ensure that you are being treated fairly in the workplace.