Believe Us, They're Concerned

A letter from Patrick Paris, BMC Wapasu West Job Steward: 

We have recently been given a copy of a letter that was released and circulated by G4S titled “What managers should NOT say or do”.

After careful review of this letter, I would like to relay to our members some of the information that G4S has provided to their managers in an official release about what they are NOT allowed to do or say to their employees, especially during this sensitive time.                                                                                                                                        

  1. DO NOT tell employees that their employer will fire or discipline them if they engage in union activity.
  2. CAN NOT lay-off or discharge any employee for union activity.
  3. DO NOT announce that you will not deal with a union.
  4. DO NOT make anti-union statements or actions that might show your preference for a non-union worker.
  5. CAN NOT deviate from company policy for the purpose of getting rid of a union supporter.
  6. DO NOT indicate that unionization will force to lay-off employees.
  7. DO NOT urge employees to try to induce others to oppose the union

In the letter, G4S goes on to outline 28 directives about what their managers are NOT allowed to do or say to their employees during an organizing campaign. From that list, I have chosen the 7 directives that I feel speak directly to some of the concerns and complaints we have heard from the members.

Although by circulating this letter G4S has recognized the rights of their workers to organize, I’m not so naïve to trust that some power tripping, washed out, ex-law enforcement officer who is your manager will completely adhere to these directives -- which brings me to this letter.

The intention of this letter is to give our members some of the exact phrasing G4S is using to ensure the protection of our rights from G4S managers during this union campaign and to bring some peace of mind to our members while we continue the battle.

I am confident in our members at G4S and confident that this will be a successful campaign. The release of this letter from G4S indicates to me that your employer shares my confidence in the outcome of the campaign.

If you feel any of your rights have been infringed upon please let us know immediately so we can address the issue promptly. Carry on and remain united and always remember that power comes from numbers.