G4S Payroll Issues

Are you owed money from G4S?

Unfortunately, we are discovering that this is not an isolated or uncommon incident. UFCW Local 401 has heard from guards that they are owed, in some cases, over 100 hours of pay. And when those guards have called the head office or even showed up in person to have the problem addressed, they are either sent away or told that it “might” be fixed on their next cheque.

Does this sound like a professional way to run a company?  How are you supposed to pay your bills or feed your family on a possibility that you “might” get paid for hours that you have already worked?

Without the protection of a union like UFCW Local 401, if you have problems with your payroll and are missing hours or overtime, you must file a complaint with Alberta Employment Standards. Unfortunately, this process requires a lot of work from you, averages between 6-9 months for the claim to be resolved, and leaves your pockets empty in the meantime.

Oh, and one more thing, the government won'teven look at your case until you have made a "serious attempt" to resolve the matter with your employer.  So in order for you to get the money you are OWED, you must put your neck out there and tell your boss that if they do not pay you, you will file a complaint with the government about the issue.  

How do you think that will go over?

As a guard working for G4S, you should be paid what you are owed, when you are owed it. If you work overtime, you should be paid at the overtime rate and not at straight time. You should not be given excuses why the overtime rate doesn’t apply to you.  

With a union, you will have a contract with your employer that is enforceable by law.  It will lay out in black and white when you get overtime in non-debatable terms.

And when it comes to payroll errors, UFCW Local 401 will ensure that it's the employer who pays for mistakes, not you the workers. Other UFCW 401 members have negotiated penalty fees that apply to the employer when they make payroll errors and do not correct them in a timely fashion. And those penalties keep applying until the employer corrects their mistake. 

Getting paid what you are owed is not a PTI, Kearl, Shell, or Albian Sands issue.  It is a G4S issue and they need to fix it!

Join together with your fellow G4S workers in Manitoba and Ontario to stand up for what is right. Together we can make things better at G4S!