An Update on G4S Guard Outreach

Over the last few weeks, organizers from UFCW have been speaking to G4S guards across the north and hearing about many of the unacceptable conditions their employer is forcing them to accept.  Poor living conditions, substandard wages, lack of overtime pay, frequent and unapologetic payroll errors, and unreasonable shift turnarounds are just a few of the concerns that we've heard about. These issues are not camp specific, but rather point to a systematic problem that G4S refuses to address.

G4S guards have made difficult sacrifices to come up north with the hope of making a decent wage and providing for themselves and their loved ones. But what those guards have come to discover is that the opportunity they sought is much different from the reality they now face.

It shouldn’t matter at which camp they work, if guards are sitting in a guard shack, flagging out in the cold, or working on a site, every guard should all be able to make a decent living and put food on the table at home. This is why UFCW Local 401 has been reaching out to all G4S guards in the Fort McMurray area.  We want to make sure your voices are heard and respected at work.  We want you to have a say in your working and living conditions. We want to help you achieve a fair contract with your employer that sets out everything to which you are entitled in black and white.

UFCW locals across the country represent over 6,500 security guards. And more specifically, UFCW locals represent every single G4S worker in Manitoba and Ontario. What this tells you is that G4S has an existing relationship with UFCW and has dealt with us for many years in other regions.

It is absolutely illegal for your employer to take any sort of action against you for talking to or supporting a union.  Exploring the benefits of joining a union is your right under Canadian law and we will defend this right to the end. You cannot be disciplined, fired, or even threatened in any way for looking into unionization.

If you have not already spoken to someone at UFCW Local 401, please contact us confidentially and we can arrange to meet with you and answer any questions or concerns that you might have:

Devin Yeager
National Representative - UFCW Canada
cell - (403) 680-4184
toll free -1-866-977-0772 ext 4

The quicker the process is, the sooner you can cast your vote and tell your employer that -- together with UFCW Local 401 -- your voice will finally be heard.