Signing a Union Petition

During the security guard organizing campaign, workers have asked a number of questions about signing a union petition. These are the most common questions:

1. Can I sign a union petition when I’m wearing my uniform? 
You are allowed to sign a union petition when you’re wearing your uniform. What you are wearing has no impact on if you can sign a union a Petition. If your employer is telling you that you can't sign a union petition when wearing your uniform they are mistaken.
2. Can I sign a union petition when I stay on site?
If you are a security guard who works and stays on site, you are also allowed sign at your camp. For the purpose of signing a union petition the Alberta Labour Relation Board is clear on this issue, when you are staying on site it becomes your place of residence and you are allowed to sign there. Staying on site does not prohibit you from joining a union.
3. Will my boss know I have signed a union petition? 
Remember that signing a union petition is confidential. Your employer never knows who has or who hasn’t signed. The Alberta Labour Relation Board guarantees your employer does not see who has signed a union petition. It is not appropriate for your employer to ask you if you have signed a union petition or to imply that they know who has signed a union petition. If you have been asked by your employer if you signed a union petition let us know and we will put a stop to it.