How To Double Your CPP Pension Income (Video)

Have you ever spent time thinking about yourn retirement? If you're in the workforce, the answer is probably yes -- most of us have. Maybe you're worried about the amount that you'll need to save on your own in order to ensure you have a healthy retirement because you don't have a pension plan through work and you know that CPP won't cover your basic costs.


That's the situation that a majority of Canadians are facing. But it doesn't need to be that way. The Canadian Labour Congress has an answer:

Canada is at a crossroads, just like it was forty years ago when it was time to do something about our health care system. Today, we need to do something about retirement income, and we need to do it soon.

It's time to change some things

The problem with Canada’s retirement income system has become so obvious that even bank economists have started to admit the RRSP approach has failed. There’s too much risk and not enough security to ensure that, after a lifetime of work, people can retire and live out their last years in dignity.

The federal and provincial governments must:

You might be thinking to yourself, "That sounds nice, but we can't actually afford it. The federal government has told us over and over again that we can't." But, in fact, we can't afford to put off CPP reforms like this any longer. Check out the video below that shows how the CLC's plan is the most effective and fairest way to ensure retirement security for all Canadians.