Noralta Employees Take a Hit that Will Cost Them Thousands of Dollars Per Year

Noralta employees’ are mad as hell!  The Company recently told them that their work schedules will change from 21 and 7 to 20 and 10.  To add insult to injury, Noralta is starting to pay them by the hour instead of per day.  They also reduced the work day from 10 hours to 9.2 hours.

The workers are steaming and are saying “why didn’t we join the Union the last time?”  If we had a Union contract, this would not have happened.  There is a question as to whether or not the Company will be reducing their benefits as well.

The Company’s carefree attitude towards what the workers think shows by way of what the Supervisor’s said: if you don’t like it, you can leave.  Workers are signing up in droves to stop the bleeding from their paychecks.  Even Management is saying, “We don’t care as we have 4,000 applications on file to take your job.” 


It is simple and quick.  Sign a petition with UFCW Local 401 and get a vote to be represented by a Strong, Innovative Union.  We know there are lots of you signing; however, just signing is not enough -- you must get other co-workers to sign as well.  You are in the same boat floating down a river not knowing what the future will bring.  Just look at what happened to the Noralta Security Guards where they have lost their positions and reduced their job rates to almost half.  Who is next… will it be the truck drivers, kitchen workers, housekeepers,maintenance workers, who knows?

Workers are saying, “I have a mortgage and family to look after; however, the Company just does not get it.  I am signing a petition to get a vote so I can protect my family.  Right now, the Company can do anything that they want to us and we have no choice but to take it.  It isn’t fair!"  

Talk to your co-workers and tell them to sign immediately.  The sooner you sign, the better it is for all of you.  We have workers signing workers in every camp.  We thank so many supporters that have signed already; however, we need more.  We need you to commit to a Union as UFCW Local 401 is committed to you.


Ako si Maria Lay-og at ako ay issa sa nag o organize dito sa UFCW local 401. At kung may kailangan kayo na gustong malaman tunkol dito sa union ,may problema na hindi ninyo maintindihan, pwede ninyo akong tawagan sa aking numero (cell) 403-801-8430 , at ito ang aking email At huwag kayong magdalawang isip na tawagan ako, gagawin ko ang aking makaya  para maesplika sa inyo, kung ano ang tanong ninyo.