Southern Alberta Flood Relief


Most Albertans will remember late June 2013 for years, if not decades to come. The flooding that thrust much of Southern Alberta into a state of emergency left an indelible impact on every Albertan – whether the flood waters reached their homes or not.

As the waters receded, people wasted no time getting to work on clean up efforts. For those directly impacted, the difficult process of going through their homes and personal effects awaited. Others rushed to the side of affected family and friends to provide moral and physical support.

But an even greater number of Albertans simply went wherever they were needed. As people grappled with the damage and loss to their homes, volunteers began showing up to lend whoever needed it a hand.

A notable example of our cooperative spirit occurred on June 24. On that day, the City of Calgary asked 600 – 1,000 volunteers to show up at McMahon Stadium to be dispatched to affected neighbourhoods. 

7,000 people came out.

Stories of this sort have become too numerous to count. Albertans have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that in a time of crisis, they will join forces to ensure everyone is able to move forward together.

Believing in the power of neighbour helping neighbour is a value that resonates strongly with us here at UFCW Local 401. Indeed, working together in order to achieve a better future for all underwrites everything we do as a Union.

UFCW Local 401 staff and members have been active in their own communities, pitching in wherever they’re able to help. Union representatives also joined NDP MLA David Eggen on June 28 to assist with clean up efforts in Elbow Park and elsewhere in Calgary.

But as a people-powered organization, going one step further is just built into our DNA. And while we have been happy to pitch in wherever possible, we felt that as a Union we could do even more.

So we have.

In conjunction with UFCW Canada, UFCW Locals 401 and 1118 have set up a Flood Disaster Relief Fund to assist members who have been impacted by flooding. 

UFCW locals from across the country have been asked to help their brothers and sisters out by donating to the Fund. But to get the ball rolling, UFCW Canada has pledged $250,000 to ensure members in need are well taken care of. 

Member of Locals 401 and 1118 who have experienced loss as a result of flooding can download the following application to seek assistance through the Union.

The application is an interactive PDF file you can use to fill out the relevant details of your situation, save the data, and submit to request assistance.  A Union Committee will receive all requests, assess the loss experienced by the member, and issue assistance as required.

Completed forms should be emailed to or faxed to the UFCW Local 401 Calgary Office at 403-250-3412.

The stories of overcoming we’ve heard echoed throughout southern Alberta and across the province are worth remembering as we move forward. When times are tough, everyday people are often able to achieve what might seem too difficult individually by tapping into their sense of community. 

As Albertans from every walk of life continue turning impossible tasks into tangible victories, let’s remember the power we wield when working together. And as the waters dry and houses are rebuilt, let’s also commit to keeping that spirit alive and working together to build a better province for all Albertans.