News of United Protection Services bankruptcy

UPS updateNews of United Protection Services bankruptcy has caught the members and the union off guard and now has our union going down a few different avenues to make this transition both quick and easy. The company has not been forthright with the union in providing information to the union or any help in assisting the employees in this process. The union is currently working with PTI to see what their solution is in regards to the replacement for UPS; we are also working to have PTI give consideration to all former UPS guards as priority candidates to hire for any new company. UFCW will continue to pressure PTI to keep these factors in mind in trying to solve their security issues. 

UFCW Local 401 is also working closely and diligently with MNP debt, MNP is the company that is currently taking care of the bankruptcy case. You may hear of MNP being referred to as the trustees, these are the people our representatives are working with to provide quick repayment for hours worked and for a speedy distribution of the records of employment. As soon as information is made available regarding either one of these outstanding issues it will be relayed as efficiently and quickly as possible. We are also committed to helping all guards with their employment insurance claims as the decisions are provided to you from service Canada. If you have not yet applied for employment insurance please do so as soon as possible. If you have not already done so you can apply at this link . Once on this site please proceed to the online services tab. If you need assistance with this process feel free to contact Archie Duckworth. Applications for employment insurance can be made on the service Canada website. 

At this point we are currently in communication with legal counsel to discuss their legal opinions. At this juncture we are not ruling out any legal avenue or potential recourse that may be available to the union and its members. The union remains a steady force for all guards of UPS and is happy to work with any of the guards throughout this process until the situation comes to a conclusion.

Also at this point please ensure that all of your contact information is correct with the union you can send an email to Archie Duckworth at with your mailing address phone number and the email address we can reach you at.


In solidarity 

Doug O’Halloran