G4S November Negotiations Update

The third set of negotiations between the members of UFCW Local 401 and G4S Security Services took place in Edmonton between.. read more >>

G4S Negotiations Update

The first set of negotiations between UFCW Local 401 G4S members and G4S Security Company kicked off in Edmonton between.. read more >>

UFCW Scholarships Available to Members!

The Robert McWilliams Memorial Scholarship is available to UFCW Local 401 members and their immediate families. For more.. read more >>

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G4S Update - Hearings On the Horizon

We are looking at hearing dates for early June. Hopefully we can count the vote shortly after the hearings.  Since our last email, The Trip From Hell, a lot of things have happened.  For starters, we have gotten two people back to work and are working on a third. .. read more >>

Statutory Freeze

It has come to our attention that G4S Company may be changing work practices for its guards such as changing your location of work and taking away benefits that you had prior to the Application for Certification ect.. .  The Company has also changed its attitudes towards people who.. read more >>

We Can't Wait… And We Won't Be Late!

G4S security guards should have received a confidential survey for Negotiations from UFCW Local 401.  Once completed you may send it via email to aduckworth@ufcw401.ab.ca or via fax at 780-743-8312. Or if you have not received your survey, you can email Union Organizer.. read more >>

Labour Board Update for G4S Guards

To All G4S Guards – UPDATE On Wednesday, UFCW local 401 attended a meeting with the Labor Board where G4S was well represented with Human Resources from Toronto, the Western Vice President of Operations along with Management from Edmonton to hear evidence with respect to two issues: Whether.. read more >>

Important Update for G4S Security Guards

The Alberta Labour Relations Board has decided that G4S security guards have earned the right to conduct a vote on union representation at their workplace.   A hearing is being scheduled for Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 in Edmonton to discuss any possible objections from the.. read more >>

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